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Carrom News

27 Jun Karnal Abdin of UK defends European Carrom Champion

Karnal Abdin of UK defeated his club mate Mrshad Khan to lift the Trophy of the 17th Carrom Euro Cup 2013 in Leszno near Warsaw, Poland in Singles event on the last day of the Euro Cup on Sunday, 23rd. June. Although almost every match between the top players  was very tough and hard contested, sometimes decided by only one point, the Singles final was a one sided affair for Karnal Abdin, who easily defeated Murshad Khan in two sets. The third place was secured by Fabian Pereira of France who had out of eleven (11) matches eight (8) wins and one draw. German Champion Peter Boecker equalized the points with Fabian with 8 wins and one draw, but had less 'Bucholz' points and landed on 4th place. The matches were conducted with Swiss League System.
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15 May Men’s Champion Sri Lanka secures Men’s & Women’s Double in 17th SAARC

India: The 17th SAARC and 5th Asian Carrom Championships were concluded in Kolkata, India. Although India lead the score boards in almost every event Men’s Champion Sri Lanka drilled its way for Men’s & Women’s Doubles Event during 17th SAARC Carrom Champion.  Although India managed to stay on top during the Asian Championship Sri Lanka gave them a tough time.
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21 Apr The Art of Shot in Carrom

By Dr.Neeraj Kumar Sampathy Carrom-Shot-1 It is the Finals of the Tournament.  You find yourself in a position where you have to win the Board to remain in contention. Your Opponent makes an intelligent play  - while making his last carromman easy to play, He ensures that he gets one of your carromman to his side. You also have one more carromman near the side cushion almost halfway down the board. With a smug look on his face, your Opponent feels that victory is on his side. What would your reaction be? Will you try making his carromman difficult and hope to get another chance or will you play a shot and try to finish the Board?
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21 Apr Carrom – from recreation to competition

By Dr.Neeraj Kumar Sampathy

Carrom is generally played for recreation among family members or friends initially and later some players progress to the competitive level.

Typically, most of us would be going through the following phases. You enjoy the game so much while playing at home with family members or with friends, you become “addicted” to the game (in a positive sense). If you are serious about playing at the next level, you start to focus on your game and then you would become a good partner or opponent – not necessarily a champion still. You keep playing well in parts and the
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02 Dec 23rd Maldives National Carrom Tournament 2012

[caption id="attachment_387" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Champions"][/caption] Male': Hassan Nizam and Aminath Nifasha successfully secured the Men's and Women's National Champion Title during 23rd Maldives National Carrom Tournament that has come to an end in Male', Maldives on 1st December 2012. Hassan Nizam has secured this title for...

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