About Us

History of Pakistan Carrom Federation

Pakistan Carrom Federation(PCF) was established in 2004 by some like minded Carrom lovers in Karachi, Pakistan. After getting approval from the International Carrom Federation(ICF), the founding members of PCF formulated an organizing committee. The organizing committee then formulated a constitution as per national standards for sporting organizations. Pakistan Carrom Federation is working for the betterment and promotion of the game of Carrom ever since.

PCF has established Carrom clubs at various cities of the country and gathered some regular clubs who were using abnormal/traditional size of Carromens and strikers. We have gradually introduced and familiarized the international laws of Carrom in many such clubs and this is an ongoing process. For better understanding and convenience of carrom players English version of Carrom Laws was translated and composed in Urdu Language by Secretary General of PCF Mr. Murtaza Khan Zulfee and is available free of cost at Pak Carrom Club, Karachi. Subsequently, PCF has organized different carrom tournaments at zone, district, provincial & national level. After a tremendous start Pakistan Carrom Team’s first international appearance was 4th World Carrom championship held in 2004 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Since its formation PCF is constantly managing regular activities on international, national and regional level. Pakistan Carrom Federation has ensured international recognition through positive policies and support from International Carrom Federation. Under honest leadership Pakistan Carrom Federation has made it their main objective to promote the game of carrom at all levels and has been striving for it ever since its formation.