The Carrom

Here you will find out about the different aspects of the game of Carrom. Some of the main aspect are:

Carrom is a very interesting indoor game, originated from pool/billiard about 150 years ago in Indian sub-continent.
Carrom can be played by two (in singles) or by four persons (in doubles).
Carrom can be played in schools/colleges, clubs, hostels, at home and in sports centres.
Carrom is not only a source of pleasure, but it also promotes friendship and understanding among the people.
Through tournaments and friendly matches Carrom players learn from each other, exchange experiences and develop friendship.

A message from,

Arif Naqvi
(President International Carrom Federation)

The Game of Carrom is amongst the world’s favourite indoor games today, enjoyed amongst friends and families worldwide. Similar to billiards, chess, marbles and other indoor games in different ways, it is easy to understand, fun to play, and suitable for children and adults alike.

It is played on a wooden board with four pockets in the corners, 19 coins and one striker, to hit the coins with. All you need is a base, a few chairs and a couple of friends and you’re all set for beginning the fun. The aim of this game is to pocket all your pieces before your opponent by flicking your striker. But you have to watch out for penalties and the Red Queen.

Despite being classified an indoor “board game”, it is quite unique in itself – neither like dice games such as Monopoly nor like strategy games such as Chess. In fact, it offers much more than both, it presents a combination of both physical and mental elements.

The advent of professional Carrom tournaments over the past few decades and the formation of federations all over the Eastern and Western world have given rise to thousands of serious Carrom players, thereby spreading its popularity even further.